lullaby for mom

Cardiac melody and message
from the baby in your stomach.
Would you like to bond with your baby?

Soft, gentle music will play.
Please enjoy by turning on the sound.

Dear mothers-to-be,

Though you are rejoiced, there are
unexpected times when you feel hopelessly anxious or helplessly sad.
In such times, please listen carefully.
You are not alone.

Cardiac sounds of babies in the stomach sound similar,
but they are all different.

This project focused on such mere difference.
Based on the timing and loudness of the cardiac sound,
a mechanism was developed to automatically create a melody.
We asked expecting mothers to listen
to the one-and-only melody in the world
that their babies played.

Usually, mothers sing lullabies to cuddle their babies,
but this melody is in a sense a lullaby from the baby
in the stomach to their mother
who feels anxiety in giving birth.

You are not alone when giving birth,
so please don't feel worried.

You may hear such words...
An encouraging and warm melody is born.